100% Green Energy

Geothermical heating-cooling system

Excellent infrastructure

Smart Homes

KISPEST – Where you are at the center

In the 19th District, only a few minutes far from the underground, in a quiet street turning from the Üllői Road, your new home is waiting for you. The KISPEST Smart Homes were designed to fulfill all of the needs of homeseekers in the 21st century. You are at the center, indeed.

Green and Smart Homes

With its not only comfortable, but environmentally friendly solutions, it fulfills the needs of the modern age. Choose from our apartments.

Green Energy

The heating-cooling system of your new home is provided by cost effective renewable technologies. The geothermical heating-cooling system is supported by a heat pump solution.

Smart Homes

NGBS smart home control, that you can use even if you are far from home and can control all the devices connected to the system with the help of your mobile phone.

You: in the center

The KISPEST residential area has been built close to the center of the 19th District, next to the Üllői Road. You can find the M3 underground, several institutes of education, surgeries and pharmacies at your service only some minutes far from your new home. It is an ideal place for your new home.

Kuponok a lakásokhoz


Some important features

Innovative solutions

Geothermical heating-cooling

AA++ energy class

Low overheads

Parking facilities

Excellent infrastructure

Gifts for the apartments

Aluminium shutters

free lawyer service

Future Orientated Homes

Apartments suitable for the needs of the future.

Innovative Solutions

Green Energy

Excellent Infrastructure

The KISPEST residential area is ready to fulfill the needs of the future. We believe that sustainable solutions and high-quality implementations are profitable investments. Our professional team has been involved in the building of thousands of apartments around the whole country (mbingatlan.hu).

The apartments of KISPEST residental area have attractive opportunities for investors as well. Due to the design of the apartments, the applied technical solutions and the location of the project, these properties are easy to let for young adults or for university students. It can make more profit than an average investment.

Great community for true individuals

Close to the center of the city, with excellent transport facilities, close to everything. The homes being built in the KISPEST residential complex offer an excellent opportunity – whether you are looking for a newly built property for investment purposes or for your own. The larger universities in Budapest are about 15-30 minutes away (by public transport). The design of the apartments and the surroundings are particularly attractive for young people. The expected date of the handover of the apartments: the last quarter of 2023.

On the way to the future

Pioneer, modern solutions, precise, accurate implementations, excellent sites of constructions – the philosophy of our company is to make investments, with which our buyers get not only a home but a value enhancer investment. Contact our sales representatives, who can recommend you apartments which match your needs.

MOLNARBETON is one of the most representative companies at the property development market in Budapest, and in the whole country. We have built several apartment houses in the last few years. We hand over 50-70 apartments as an average yearly.
Our philosophy is to strive for perfection. Our aim is to provide the highest technical and technological standards. Our colleagues always look for and apply the most modern technologies. Every member of our team works hard to create a property for you, which is constructed at the highest standards by the newest technologies of the 21st century, in order to provide high-quality properties.

Have a look at our previous projects


Our current projects

Kispest Smart Homes & Öko

In the 19th District, only a few minutes far from the underground, in a quiet street turning from the Üllői Road, your new home is waiting for you. With its not only comfortable but environmentally friendly solutions it meets the requirments of the modern age.

Furmint Házak II.

Beautiful environment, surrounded by the hills of Gödöllő and Buda, and a fantastic panorama is waiting for you in your new home.

Dabasi Otthonok

Fantastic environment, unique opportunities of apartments in one of the most beautiful parts of Dabas, in the heart of the town, in a quiet street, in the Jubileum Park.

Our finished projects


Furmint Házak I.

The Furmint Houses offer human-scale homes, close to Lake Naplas, which is a protected area. The houses, which consist of 16 apartments, use 100% renewable energy sources (Stiebel Eltron heating-cooling system). Our smart home solutions (NGBS smart home) provide full comfort.



Fantastic environment, unique opportunities of properties in one of the most beautiful parts of Budaörs, in the heart of the town, but in a quiet street, Edison Center Budaörs offers 37 apartments and more than 1500m2 of area.



A one of a kind investment: apartment blocks with only a few apartments, A++ energy class in Gergely Street. Fantastic transport facilities, high-quality living space offerd by the apartments.


Városmajor 17

This premium block of apartments was built in one of the most popular areas of Budapest, close to everything but in a quiet, peaceful street. It is only five minutes walk from two important junctions of the capital (Széll Kálmán Square, Déli Railway Station), with a 3 floored underground garage.



A 4**** hotel experience in your home around the whole year in an apartment house, on the shore of Lake Balaton, at the Golden Coast of Siófok. Unlimited access to the 2000m2, next door wellness empire of Hotel Azur.



High-quality implementations, premium living space right next to MOM Park. A two-floored-penthouse, with bright apartments, terraces, balconies and a garden.


Aranyhal házak

Close to one of the busiest junctions of the city, with excellent transport and infrastructional facilities, quiet homes in a green area.

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